Below are the options that can be added to the sharing script via custom option box:

  • popupWindowSizeProviderWise

Use this option to customize the social sharig popup window size provider wise. This means you can have a diffrent popup size for each social provider

Example Code:

popupWindowSizeProviderWise :
facebook : {
height : 20,
width : 20
google : {
height : 530,
width : 530    


In above code, we have chosen, Facebook popup size as 20 by 20 PX, whereas, the Google popup size is 530 by 530 PX


  • providerSpecificShortUrl

Use this option to use the short URL ( for any of your desired social provider. This means you can enable or disable URL shortener for any specific social provider

Example Code:

providerSpecificShortUrl: [
{ "twitter": false },
{ "facebook": true}

In Above code, the URL shortener is activated for Facebook but not for twitter.