Want better sharing volume and more social referrals? Add these easy to customize, simple to load, social sharing widget on your website now! Go through the instructions below, get the code and you are in!

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To implement Social9 Sharing in BigCommerce, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to social9.com.
  2. Choose Your Web Technology as Other.
  3. Here you will find the option to configure sharing theme and sharing providers.
  4. Once you have configured the sharing options, You will be
    able to see code in right side panel which needs to be inserted into
    your BigCommerce site pages.

Configuration Guide

Inserting code into BigCommerce pages

  1. Login to your account at BigCommerce Account.
  2. Click on Settings->Design on your sites admin panel.
  3. Select Edit HTML/CSS in for the Current Theme Section
  4. Select Footer.html from the left hand column.
  5. Paste the script code which was retrieved in the introductions section, at the bottom of the code.
    BigCommerce Social Share
  6. Click on the Save button.
  7. To display the interface on a product page, include the div you retrieved from social9.com on the page you would like it to display. For products, you can include this on the ProductDetails.html
    Big Commerce Social Share
  8. Click on Save button on the top left to save the settings. Social9 Social Sharing interface will now be shown at your website as per location where you added the code in Step 7