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Do you know today there are more than 150 million active users on Pinterest?

And do you know 2 billion average number of monthly searches are executed on Pinterest?

Huge numbers, right? Wait, there are more:

  • 67% of all Pinterest Users are millennials.
  • 85% of Pinterest users are female.
  • Reported Value of Pinterest is $11 billion.
  • 55% of all US online shoppers choose Pinterest as their favorite social media platform.

So with these big numbers, one thing is very clear that ignoring Pinterest is no longer a good option. After Facebook and Twitter, it’s the time for Pinterest now.But do you think you have sufficient time to manage your multiple social media profiles?

Certainly not! You need some online tools and services to streamline things you do on your social accounts. Facebook and Twitter have some of these time-saving tools that smoothen their workflows. And now when we have turned our focus towards Pinterest, It’s time to discover some excellent tools for this big platform as well.

Here is the list of some efficient Pinterest tools that have caught eyes so far. Just grab your preferred ones from here!

Pinterest Tools to Grow your community!


Massplanner is your multipurpose tool, not only limited to Pinterest. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Tumblr users are getting benefits from this paid tool starting from $9.95/monthly. But here we’ll focus only on Pinterest.

To survive in this big sphere of online communities, it is essential to have a good number of followers. In Pinterest language, we also term them as Pinners. Massplanner here works as an Auto- follow tool and helps you to grow your community. Just add your Pinterest account in Massplanner account settings and customize its tools to get a good following. It is split into six different tools:

  • Follow
  • Follow Back
  • Unfollow
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Re-Pin

And for the follow tool to use, you need to make some initial settings just to give it a natural touch like a particular time gap between your Follow operation, a number of people you want to follow per operation, Set the maximum number of people/boards to follow in a day and more.

Note: In the tab for Follow Sources, enter specific keywords for people and boards that you want the tool to auto follow. And result tab will show the desired outputs from the tool.


PinGroupie is an easy approach to find Pinterest Group boards for you to contribute. Group boards are like your regular Pinterest boards but here along with the board creator, other people are also allowed to pin. They are really amazing in bringing people together and give your brand a massive exposure. Sadly, Pinterest doesn’t have a direct method to find these community boards. That’s why PinGroupie is in existence.

This Free Pinterest Group board directory has listed 29,000 group boards and allows you to search for your desired group boards active on Pinterest. Just fill in your preferences like category, title or description and grab a list of Group Boards to maximize your brand visibility.

Pinterest Group board


It is highly possible in your busy schedule that you don’t find time to synchronize your multiple social media profiles. Wait here is a cool time saver tool for you- PinVolve. With the free version of PinVolve, you can convert all your Facebook posts into your Pinterest pins and can list your Pins as your Facebook posts as well. The Pro version of this tool automates this process and syncs your specific boards or all boards with your Facebook Fan Page.


Postris (previously Repinly):

Spend some time on Repinly and get an insight into what is trending and what people are talking about the most. Its vast directory displays interesting people you can follow. So marketers, traverse Repinly for new ideas and determine the best to add to your profile.

Pinterest tools for image creation!


When it comes to best image creation tools, Canva takes the cake, the baker, and the bakery.


This free tool has a readymade Pinterest template. So now no more size problems. It offers some starter designs in 2:3 ratio perfectly optimized for Pinterest. Canva free version is sufficient for beginners like us. It also has premium images to use costing $1 each. It also has a premium version with some more advanced features.

With this Image editing tool, you can edit your image, add some text and graphics plus you can also change backgrounds switching on its multiple tabs.

To get you started with this free tool, you need to register yourself first and then pick your size to create an image. You can also customize your size as per your desire.

Here is a demo for you to create a Pinterest graphic using this tool.

 canva gif


With Stencil, you can get access to their 890,000+ background images at the cost of some 9 USD per month.


You can modify its already existed templates as the way you want and directly pin them to Pinterest. This fantastic tool is bundled up with lots of graphics, ready to use icons and web fonts. The only drawback with this tool is that its free version allows only 5 images to create, Bad news for those who do not want to spend much in the graphic generation.

Piktochart :

In the trend of infographics, Piktochart comes with many default templates to create an infographic on your own. It has over 500 default templates that you can customize further or you can entirely start with a new one and shape it the way you want.


Note: Presentations and printable infographics can also be created with this paid tool. Although you can leverage this tool with free registered account and try your hands on it.


When creating infographics, you need charts, bar graphs and data to be entered. Infogr.am is the best tool to do this. It assists you to create infographics while boasting a robust charts and graph editor.

Just choose the type of graph you want to build and adjust the table cells and graph values as per your requirement.


Pinterest automation tools for marketers!

Tailwind (formerly Pinleague):

It is indeed the best tool to supercharge your Pinterest marketing efforts. I am sure if you love Pinterest, You will love this tool too. This is a complete Pinterest management tool offering almost every feature one would expect to automate their Pinterest profile. Features that Tailwind offers:

  • It schedules your Pins to ensure your constant presence on Pinterest.
  • It lets you know the best time to Pin with its smart calendar.
  • It helps you to schedule multiple pins at once.
  • It provides an interval between Pinning.
  • It has an analytics board for you.
  • It has Pin Inspector to find your best Pins.
  • It gives RSS feed management for your Pinterest profile.

Today Tailwind is trusted by over 100,000 leading brands of the world. Although its free version is limited to some of its features only, but the premium version costing $9.99/month is best suitable for small business versions. This plus version of Tailwind includes one Pinterest profile, two collaborators and some basic dashboard features like 7 days history archive, scheduling of 400 pins/month and much more.

This is how a dashboard would look for a free account!


Tailwind Browser Extension is the very first thing you will be asked to install which is supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Whenever you will browse your Pinterest profile or any blog post all around the web, and you will see this extension attached to the image. Just hover over the image and schedule your image using this scheduler. This is how it works:


IFTTT (If This Then That):

Now you can trigger your pin posting with this free tool which automates tasks between two different platforms or apps. With its multiple IFTTT recipes, You can trigger Pinterest to do specific tasks based on your activities that you perform on various channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and much more. Additionally, you can also setup triggers at other channels leading them to pin an image to a specific board on Pinterest.

See what recipes you can create with your Pinterest Profile!



If you wish to connect your RSS Feeds, and News Feeds to your Pinterest accounts then Sendible is your friend. Just add your Pinterest profile to your Sendible dashboard and automate your news feed publishing. It automatically fetches an image from the URL to Pin so you can see, no extra steps to take.

The initial price for Sendible is $49/month that connects 20 different accounts, RSS automation, and brand monitoring.


Now save yourself from hours of pinning every week and embrace ViralTag. This automated tool for Pinterest is capable of Pinning at multiple boards and to multiple Pinterest accounts.

Not only Pinterest, but ViralTag also goes with all the main social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or LinkedIn. It customizes your message, image dimensions and sets different posting time to maintain the uniqueness of each social network.

Pinterest Tools for your website!

Pinterest image pinner:

It is a WordPress Plugin that can lead you hundreds or even thousands of Pins over time. It adds “Pin This” button to every image on your website. Now when a visitor sees an amazing picture on your blog site, he will simply click on this button and pin your image to their Pinterest profile. Amazing way to encourage traffic.

pinterest button

Pinterest browser button

Every day you visit various web pages and get astonished by their creativity. By installing Pinterest Browser extension, you can Pin relevant content that you find on other websites and can give your followers a chance to appreciate them.

Pinterest widgets for a website:

Pinterest owns a helpful tool to create a widget for your website to highlight your Pinterest account and let visitors know your latest Pins from your website. Just mention your URL to a particular board that you want to show off and pick your favorite size for your website widget.

website widget

So dear professionals how do you rate this ultimate cheat sheet for Pinterest? Do you find it useful? Is there anything you would like to add?

Drop your valuable suggestions in the comment box below and spread the knowledge!

Happy Pinning!