How To Improve Engagement On Your WordPress SiteWebmaster will agree to it, making visitors engage to their site is one of the biggest challenges     they face at present or later when things start to smoke up. Escaping isn’t possible, trying shortcuts won’t help in a long run (Google animals are cruel) and getting into unethical practices will lead their way to Bermuda Triangle.

Writing awesome content is the only wand to attract visitors and engagements. Cool, You have awesome nahh… Super awesome content written by Superman, you shared it on Social Media, it spread faster than flash can travel whole world once in a single run and you got traffic back to your site.

A question which every webmaster asks or probably saves himself from getting asked is whether the traffic is leading to engagements?…Yes..No… I mean, what’s up with you buddy ! (Diverting the Topic)

Let’s have a deep look at some actionable steps which can boost engagements on your WordPress Website.

A Fat Website:

Nobody likes a fatty ! . A heavy website takes up ages to load and users are impatient .

According to a study by MOZ, a slow website decreases conversion rates, and it’s true! Think of a buffering youtube video…Yeah! Now you got me !

A slow website is counted as bad user experience and is one of the many ranking factors for Google Ranking. Your website is slow? Get ready to rank down from wherever you are in SERP.

Let’s look at some tips for improving WordPress Speed.

1. Check for scope of Improvements

Google’s very own Page Speed tool can help you accomplish page speed tests on your WordPress website.

Simply paste your web url and hit analyze.

After few seconds, suggestions will be generated. Go through all the suggestions and try to solve most of them, but it is not important to green tick all, so try till you max out to implement.

2. Optimize Images

Unknowingly images are  fatty too whether they are clicked or are created. Heavier images takes up time and bandwidth to load, eventually increasing loading time and exhausting bandwidth.

Using image compression plugins like WP Smush or EWWW Image Optimizer can give you faster loading images with less size. They decrease image size without compromising the quality.

3. Enabling Caching

Caching can speed up the time it takes for your site to load, reducing the time visitors have to wait for your content to be displayed.
How caching works is it reduces the amount of load that is put on your server and database. This is done by creating local copies of your files on the visitor’s computer. The amount of time gets reduced by reducing queries made for fetching static content which is generated dynamically every time someone visits your website. W3 Cache is one of the plugins which will get this job done.

Make website User friendly

1. Social Login

According to customer preference trends report, 93% consumers preferred social login over traditional email registration on websites.

Wait what. I know it, social login is the trend among everyone. Most of the online businesses like online service providers and ecommerces are using social login along with traditional email registration, there is nothing new !

Yes you are not John Snow! but do you know, about 18% of social logins were from Apple’s Safari Mobile browser John!?

Giving user a convenience from the very start will encourage them to visit your site, hopefully bookmark it.

Social login provides convenience to your visitors to save up lot of time which is generally spent in filling up registration forms and remembering passwords and using social media profile to authenticate to a website.

2. Social Commenting

Implementing social comment box is another way to improve user experience. It makes use of social media account to post comment. Generally as a default, everyone is already logged-in to their social media, so it gets very convenient to them to comment and is an alternative to signing-in and comment.

Give eyes some Eye Candy

It is very essential for a blog post to be visually appealing. Back in kindergarten and junior school, we were attracted to books with most of the colored images. Even math had color images to make it more interesting, but it failed !

Your content can not be as much boring as math. Adding attractive visuals to website and blog post helps in attracting your visitors. It’s better if the images are engaging like an infographic.

Red attracts first, but blue affects us mentally making our mind cool. If you have females as your base, you can try out shades of pink and purple.

Use different color combinations to make graphics and banners for site or using them in blog posts is very effective in attracting visitors.  Playing with colors definitely will give results, but it depends on your type and visitors.

Summarizing this article, we started with website’s size, how to analyze it and implementing tactics to make it lose fat, making it user friendly by implementing social login and social comment box to ease visitor’s navigation and finally the beautification.

If you have any personal tips or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.