IFTTT recipes or applets to rocket boost your business

IFTTT spelled as I F T T T, is a freemium service which has added a new horizon in automation in IT.

It works on a simple conditional statement of “if”. IFTTT stands for IF This Than That… Simple right !

It creates a chain of simple conditional statement, called applet. These applets function on  a simple event of action and reaction.

IFTTT is for automatic actions- that are dependent upon certain actions, when met, triggers another action. These triggers are often called as recipes or applets (as IFTTT officially calls it.)

It support various popular technologies used by a business on daily basis like Slack, Asana, Gmail, Evernote etc., to further simplify working environment and boost productivity.

IFTTT was initially started as an app to connect your two favourite apps to work best.

Businesses can efficiently utilize IFTTT services to automate their tasks with existing technologies. Automating task with the help of recipes improves coordination and helps businesses minimize efforts on small yet crucial tasks.   


I know IFTTT but what is an Applet and Recipe?



Applet and Recipe are the same thing in context with IFTTT, which automates the process between a Trigger Channel and Action Channel. Applets (official name) are advance version of Recipes with extra functionalities and features.

THIS  defines a Trigger and That defines the action.


Where can I get IFTTT?

IFTTT  is supported by most of the Android and iOS Devices as an App. It can be accessed and configured via desktop also.


How to get started with IFTTT?

To start utilizing IFTTT for your business, you have to visit IFTTT official website and click “get started”.


Next screen will ask you to signup using social login or traditional login.


After completing the procedure you will land on discover IFTTT page.



Voila !! You are ready to select your booster packs for your business jet.
By default, IFTTT offers some basic applets to start with. Most of the shown applets focuses on Android and social media.

To prevent businesses from getting confused, we will focus on mostly used business apps and service IFTTT applets to rocket boost productivity and utilize automation.

If “IFTTT applets for businesses” than “tell us



Utilizing IFTTT Gmail Applets for business.Alm
ost everyone uses Gmail as their primary email provider. Gmail is free as well as offered in a  premium office suite.


1. Save email attachments directly into your Dropbox



What if you have all the attachments saved directly into your dropbox and are arranged in folders corresponding to email addresses.

It saves a lot of time for a business owner who usually downloads attachments, organises and sends it forward to concern departments.

Otherway, other teams can also use this applet to directly receive attachments on their desktop (dropbox auto sync)





save-gmail-attachment-to dropbox-example



2. Save labeled emails to Google Drive in docs




Now save every important email conversation in your drive.

Emails which are labeled with “any name” will be saved in doc format. Attachments are not saved though.











3. Copy any receipts or payment emails received in Gmail to Dropbox as a text file







Make a backup of purchases, customer invoices, sent payment, etc. received in Gmail. It will be saved as a text file in dropbox.

You can change the trigger keywords according to subject of the received e-mails.

This way business can keep a backup of all the payment mails without any mail privacy issues.







 Google Calendar

Utilizing IFTTT Google Calendar Applets for business.
Google calendar is one of the services which businesses use on daily basis.
Businesses use it for maintaining their daily schedule and time management.

1. Using Google calendar to remind you of missed calls






Keeping a reminder on missed calls can help in boosting your business. Missed calls can be from a potential client, a support query, investor or maybe just an enquiry call.

This applet works only on Android phones.

So next time when you or your marketing team have any missed calls while they were busy or away, Google calendar will make sure to arrange a call back.






2. Email me when it’s someone’s birthday





It is a good gesture to wish someone on their special occasions and birthday is one of them.

Create a birthday applet to get a mail whenever there is someone’s birthday in your calendar.

Be it the employees, customers or friends. Wish them by making a phone call or sending them a gift.

To wish them by an automated call, you can use this automated birthday wish applet.




Utilizing IFTTT spreadsheet Applets for business.
Cloud alternative to MS Office suite, spreadsheet is almost like Excel with all the similar functionalities.

1. Log all the Google calendar Entries into Spreadsheet






Most of the business owners rely upon Google calendar for their everyday tasks which include personal as well as official tasks.

Keeping a log of everyday schedule can help in analyzing various aspects, and manage a balance between events to increase productivity.






2. Keep a track of all completed tasks from Todoist

Keep-a-track-of-all-completed-tasks-from-Todoist (2)





Todoist is a task management app used by various businesses to Manage tasks and projects.

It is a good practice to have a track of all the completed tasks as a part of goal tracking. This applet syncs all the completed tasks from Todoist to Google spreadsheet.







Utilizing IFTTT Evernote Applets for business.
Evernote is a cross-platform, freemium app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving.

1. Sync new notes in notebook from evernote to Google drive





Evernote is used to take instant notes. Businesses can leverage this Evernote applet to take a backup of new and existing notes from Evernote.

Notes will be saved in form of doc sheet under IFTTT/Evernote folder.





2. Archive notes in Google Drive when you label them with a specific tag







This applet helps you in saving Evernote notes which are tagged with a specific tag.
One can easily share notes in form of docs, which then can be shared to different departments in the drive.






3. Share Evernote notes with a slack channel






Directly share Evernote notes to your slack channel. Just tag the note with Team and the note will be posted on slack channel.

A quick way to share notes without changing privacy settings and tagging people.








Utilizing IFTTT Pocket Applets for business.
Pocket is an application and service for managing reading list of posts articles from the Internet. One can use it to bookmark websites too. It is supported by every mobile in form of app and is accessible on desktop also.

1. Adding Pocket to Todoist list






The time when you add a new post to pocket app, a Todoist task will get added and will be listed on top of your reading list.








Utilizing IFTTT Trello Applets for business.
Trello is a project management application, used by most of the businesses today.

1. Get Slack notifications about assigned Trello cards







Get notified in slack when someone assigns you a task in Trello.






2. Keep a log of every Trello task you complete in Google Drive







Keep track of all the tasks completed in Trello. So next time when you have a doubt over your completing assignments, check them in drive first.








Utilizing IFTTT Salesforce Applets for business.
Salesforce is a Customer Relationship management product.

1. Automatically generate a new task to follow-up when you add a new lead to Salesforce






This is a bit of relief for businesses using Salesforce. This applet  automatically creates a follow up task for a new lead generated, when marked “Open-Not Contacted”.

This way marketing department will never forget to follow up a lead.







Utilizing IFTTT Slack Applets for business.
Slack is one of the popular messaging apps used by businesses today.

1. Get notifications on important email on slack






Busy in a slack conversation over changing your default hosting because it is not upto the mark and Sam on the other hand, your financial expert sent you an email suggesting you ways to manage your finances in order to fit to monthly charges of your new hosting.

With this applet businesses can set up a notification regarding important mails on slack.  






2. Automatically post a daily reminder to a Slack channel






This applet can be a great utility to remind your channel on Mondays that they are an important asset to your business and you are glad to have a team like them.

This boosts confidence as well as motivates team(s).

Randomly schedule reminders in slack to make aware teams good things and bad things as well.





3. Post an slack update when someone enters and exits an area





This applet can be very useful in updating others when someone comes and leaves the office.

People working in different departments can have track of people, especially when working in collaboration.

If sam has left the office for lunch, ask him to bring back some Bagels while returning ;).

Authorities can also keep track of their employees early and late hours in real-time



4. Automatically send an article to a Slack channel when you tag it in Pocket





This applet lets you share your links saved in Pocket app.

It is a great way to share your research with different departments of your business.

You just need to tag the link using a unique tag like mybizmarketing or companynamedevs etc.

Do remember to configure your unique tags in the applet before you start tagging.







Utilizing IFTTT Instagram Applets for business.
Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos via a mobile app.
Businesses are using Instagram as marketing and brand building tool.

1. Sync Instagram and Pinboard





If you are a fashion niche business or a media company, then Instagram and Pinterest are the most fruitful social media platforms for you.

Such Businesses can utilize Instagram to the fullest, have a look at some Instagram organic growth strategies.

This applet lets you sync your Instagram uploads with Pinterest, which saves a lot of time.




2. Automatically post Instagram images on different pin boards in Pinterest







Have different category of images on Instagram or want to exclude some images from you Instagram while sharing on pinterest, this applet executes the same. It lets you separate and post Instagram images on different pin boards on Pinterest which are separated using different hashtags on Instagram.

Now separate your Instagram’s funky pyjama images with cat bracelets on Pinterest.






3. Automatically share your Instagram posts on 500px






500px  is a photo community for discovering, sharing, buying and selling inspiring photography

Photographers, painters, artists can utilize 500px as a selling platform.

Combining both photo dominated platforms can automate a lengthy process and boost business.





Utilizing IFTTT Twitter Applets for business.
Twitter is the most used platform by businesses when it comes to socializing along with professionalism.

1. Thanking new Twitter Followers







Welcome others, show some warmth.

This applet Tweet every new follower a custom message along with their @username.








2. Tracking specific hashtags and saving them in Spreadsheet







This applet acts as hashtag tracker for Twitter.

You can track brand specific hashtags, random hashtags, competitor’s mostly used hashtags and save tweets associated.

Analyzing the tweets can greatly help in creating a good social media strategy for your business on Twitter.  









Utilizing IFTTT Android Applets for business.
Android is the most used mobile OS worldwide which offers flexibility to the user.

1. Automatically log the calls you  make and receive on your android device

There are two different applets for this job. One logs the calls you receive on your android device and other logs it when you make a call from your android device.

logs the calls you receive on your android devicelogs-it-when-you-make-a-call-from-your-android-device
















Keeping track of calls can help you with time saving as well as billing customers, after all calls are also a resource.

These applets are beneficial for consultants who offer phone consultation, customer service and marketing team.



Utilizing IFTTT iOS Applets for business.

1. When I leave any location, show my To Do List




This applet reminds you of a todo list which you have to accomplish at office today or while going somewhere.

It makes use of your location and iOS reminders.






2. Automatically add new iOS Contacts to your Google services







Keep your business contacts synced with your Google services. This applet syncs your iOS contacts with your Google account, without the need of any Android device.









1. IFTTT applet to remind you for paying your bills before time




This applet reminds you every month for paying your bills before time.

So next month when you may be piled up with workload, this applet will remind you for paying all the bills, before it’s too late.






These were some of the many business IFTTT applets which you and your departments can use.


What about other IFTTT applets for businesses other than those you mentioned above?



When you tap search on header menu, you will see different categories of applets. According to your requirement you can choose them and if you are unsure about category of your business tool or service, hit on all services and it will show all the supported services.

Below are some of the unmentioned business services for which  IFTTT applets can be used.

Medium.com IFTTT applets  

WordPress IFTTT applets

Onedrive IFTTT Applets

Skype IFTTT Applets

Dropbox IFTTT Applets

Mailchimp IFTTT Applets

Github IFTTT Applets

Dominos IFTTT Applets (because a hungry team is a dangerous team. )

This ends IFTTT applets for business. If “Query/tips” then “comment”.


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